How Microprof works

The Forgetting Curve

  • In 1885 Ebbinghaus published his work on memory and retention, which is now known as the Forgetting Curve.
  • He estimated that within 24 hours of a tutorial, less than 44% of the material can be recalled.
  • At 6 days less than ¼ of the material can be recalled – this leaves 75% forgotten.
  • Microprof targets the points in the forgetting curve where information is lost, refreshing your memory and increasing retention rates. This is called Spaced Learning.

Spaced Learning

  • With regular targetted reviews, you build up your long-term memory.
  • Studying alone is not enough, studying in time-sensitive stages helps move information from your short term into your long-term memory.
  • Spaced learning and review is popular in education in a number of forms, e.g. study plans, practice, repetition.

Memory Keys

  • Memory keys and mnemonics are memory tools which are popular in fields where a lot of discrete information needs to be learned e.g. biology.
  • These are techniques help you to remember information which is otherwise difficult to recall.
  • Using these effectively is highly specific to each person.
  • Every education system promotes this practice which students often forget to use.
  • Microprof facilitates this by allowing you to create your own custom memory keys and mnemonics

Retrieval Practice

  • Retrieval practice is a method in which strategic presentation of information improves learning.
  • Research in the area of retrieval practice has shown positive results, finding that tests (or short quizzes) dramatically improve learning.
  • Everyday examples include games like “top trumps” to teaching medicine , parts of the body and procedures.

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